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January 2014 – In a world where infants recognize smartphones and toddlers use tablets, a technology-free toy that aids in a child’s development is a novelty – and a refreshing change of pace. And Papillon, a new line of high-quality toys for children 0-24 months debuting at the acclaimed Nuremberg Toy Fair, is designed to meet the needs of today’s modern parent and child by providing nature-inspired toys that are entirely child-powered.

“The advent of technology-based toys in recent years has no doubt been incredible, but perhaps the pendulum has swung too far – now virtually every toy uses technology to create engagement with children,” said Andy Friess, senior vice president of marketing for Toy State, parent company of Papillon Toys Ltd. “Papillon was created because we believe there is still an important role in child development for achieving milestones directly, without that invisible technology in between. We believe that parents should be able to offer their children a wide breadth of toys that help them to achieve those milestones. And Papillon is designed to fill that missing piece in a child’s growth and advancement.”

The Papillon line, developed by award-winning toy specialist Stephen Reardon, was created with the philosophy that play is essential to a child’s sensory, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. Each item in the Papillon portfolio is designed to engage children with developmentally sound play patterns that encourage learning and achievement of milestones – which provides an emotional pay-off for both parent and child.

“Papillon is committed to making a difference in the lives of children and their families,” said Reardon, who serves as vice president of product development for Papillon. “Babies learn to comprehend their world through play, and our extensive toy range is designed with this in mind. From developing fine and gross motor skills to helping teach the concepts of cause and effect and object permanence, Papillon toys provide the tools that parents need to encourage and support healthy milestone development. And the electronics-free, childpowered aspect of every toy is essential to that growth and advancement.”

The Papillon line was inspired by nature and provides an aesthetic that’s nostalgic with a fresh twist. From the butterfly iconography that nods to the brand’s French namesake to the modern yet perceptible-to-baby color palette, Papillon brings an upscale approach to the infant toy category that reinforces the brand’s commitment to both parent and child.

“Papillon toys are meant to grow with children and are built to last. We value the practice of passing toys down from generation to generation, and we designed Papillon with this in mind,” Reardon continued. “The workmanship of our products is developed with the strictest quality standards, and each Papillon toy design is thoroughly tested to comply with the most rigorous international standards for children’s products. Because we understand that even the most progressive, beautiful toys are worthless if they’re not durable and safe. And we want multiple generations to experience that amazing ‘a-ha’ moment that Papillon toys provide – the look on a child’s face when they figure something out for the first time, and mom and dad’s joy upon seeing their baby achieve those milestones.”

The Papillon line includes:

  • Flower Teething Rattle and Forest Teething Rattle – This easy-to-grasp rattle with soft textures is designed for gentle teething exploration for children three months and older.
  • Stack & Nest Flowers – This colorful set includes six flower cups ready for stacking and nesting for children six months and older.
  • Pop-Up Forest Friends – Children ages 12 months and up will delight in mastering the ability to press, flip, slide and turn, with the reward of forest friends popping out of the flower pot.
  • Nature Links – This fun and vibrant set (12 or 24) of multi-purpose baby links is fashioned in shapes inspired by nature and features soft textures, which are ideal for teething and stimulating baby’s sense of touch.
  • Nature Links Rattle – The 2-in-1 Papillon Nature Links Rattle contains a large master link with three smaller nature-inspired links. All links are easy for babies to grasp with soft textures for teething.
  • Push & Spin Forest Carousel – Babies of all ages will enjoy learning cause and effect as he or she presses the playful, colorful knob atop the carousel to see the forest animals spin with a gentle whirring sound.
  • Forest Friends Musical Activity Toy – This interactive toy is perfect for tummy time or to attach to a crib. The nature-inspired activity screen features a retractable stand for ideal versatility from birth on.
  • Easy Grasp Flutter Ball – The 4-in-1 activity toy provides a unique experience in which babies six months and up can enjoy the easy grasp ball, rattle/teether, flutter ball and a fun puzzle.
  • Activity Shape Sorter – Includes 6 fun shapes (triangle, circle, square, rectangle, star and diamond) with individual rattle sounds in each shape. Babies 12 months and older will enjoy sorting shapes through the roof, which opens for fi ll-and-spill fun.
  • Pull Along Duck – As duck is pulled, babies 18 months and up will be delighted by the duck’s waddling body, rotating feet and side-to-side moving head as it makes a fun sound.
  • Twist & Rattle Caterpillar – This beautiful rain shaker includes 8 twistable body parts for babies six months and older to explore and enjoy. The beads within the caterpillar rattle as they pass in and out of view in the clear and opaque sections, making gentle rain bead sounds.
  • Bird Rattle – The beautiful teething rattle is ideal for babies three months and up to enjoy. As the little one explores the rattle’s soft and textured surfaces, the birdie clicks when turned and squeaks as the comb is pressed.
  • Stroller Toys – Toys easily clip to any stroller handle and have an adjustable strap for traveling fun. Stroller Toys come in three nature-inspired designs: frog, bear and bird. Babies three months and up will enjoy the squeaking sounds and soothing clicks of these colorful toys. Sold separately, or in a Forest Stroller Toy Gift Set that includes  all three nature-inspired Papillon Stroller Toy designs.

Papillon will be available at specialty European retailers in fall of 2014.

About Papillon:
We invite you to explore the ‘World of Papillon,’ where you’ll find high-quality toys designed to meet the needs of today’s modern parent. Our toys are created with the philosophy that play is essential to a child’s sensory, physical, cognitive, social & emotional development. Start the journey of discovery with Papillon, where fun and learning begin! Papillon is a subsidiary of Toy State, an innovator with 30 years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of high-quality children’s toys. For more information, visit: www.papillontoys.com.

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